Ian continues across Florida Makes Landfall As a Cat4

Hurricane Ian Landfall

We continue to track as Hurricane Ian continues across Florida As a Category 4 Storm. Our chasers are safe, and in-route to pick Ian back up as a hurricane, again, somewhere around the North Charleston, South Carolina area. We’ll be reporting and live streaming a SECOND intercept of Ian. Our fallen hero, Surgie Cam-9 captured a phenomenal mesovortex as the eyewall of Ian was closing in on itself as it continued to weaken, eventually dwindling back to Tropical Storm status over most of central Florida on Thursday.

Mesovortex Ian continues across Florida Radar

Hurricane Ian made landfall Wednesday afternoon at 3:05pm Eastern Time as was captured by SevereStudios Surgie-Cameras and seen all across the world, and live on The Weather Channel.

Hurricane Ian Airplane in Home Garage Drone Image

Landfall was reported by the National Hurricane Center to be located in the area of Cayo Costa Island, Florida. This was also the exact location Hurricane Charley, another Category 4 150MPH storm, made landfall on August 13, 2004.

Surgie Cam 9 Fort Myers

Ian will tie for 4th strongest in Florida history. We have been tracking Hurricane Ian all week in our coverage.

Florida Power Outages Ian continues across Florida

Catastrophic flooding and extreme wind damage, mass power outages with more than two million people across Florida were without power, while some were trapped in flooded homes as Hurricane Ian Continues across Florida.

Ian continues across Florida Rainfall

Now Tropical Storm Ian, is expected to restrengthen to a hurricane in the Atlantic before making a currently projected landfall with South Carolina in its track.
Hurricane Ian Tracking Across the Atlantic Ian continues across Florida
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